Her Red Carpet

Elevating Her Red Carpet's Digital Presence through Comprehensive UI/UX Design​
Project Overview
Her Red Carpet needed a visually appealing, user-friendly platform that resonated with the South Asian community while incorporating advanced features for seamless navigation and engagement. The project required an integrated approach, spanning from the design of the website to back-end support, API integration, and social media marketing.
My Contributions
As the main designer and front-end developer for Her Red Carpet, I played a pivotal role in transforming the online platform into a vibrant hub for buying, selling, and trading clothing and accessories within the South Asian community. The project involved customization based on the MVC concept, encompassing various aspects of visual identity, graphic design, front-end integration, user experience enhancements, and comprehensive support for the entire platform.

The solution

Elevating Her Red Carpet's Digital Presence through Comprehensive UI/UX Design​
May 2016 — 2019
Visual Identity Design:
  • Crafted a unique visual identity that resonated with the cultural nuances of the South Asian community, reflecting in the color scheme, typography, and imagery
  • Designed a distinctive company logo that served as a memorable brand identifier.
User Experience Enhancements:
  • Analyzed user experience to identify pain points and implemented intuitive elements such as a guided tour and a drag-and-drop exchange module, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Introduced interactive features to facilitate smooth navigation and optimize the overall user journey
Website and Administration Interface:
  • Conducted a comprehensive graphic design overhaul of the website and administration interface for a cohesive and visually appealing online presence

  • Implemented PHP/LESS/jQuery front-end integration, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience across devices.
Social Media Marketing:
  • Took charge of graphic content creation for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), ensuring a consistent brand image across platforms

  • Conceptualized and executed competitions to foster community engagement and build brand awareness
Audio and Video Design:
  • Produced compelling audio and video content for various advertisements, creating a multimedia experience that resonated with the target audience.

Back-End Support and Integration:
  • Provided robust back-end support, including API integration and database adjustments, to ensure seamless functionality and data integrity.

Organizational Support:
  • Assisted management in organizing tasks and contributed to social media marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility

  • Collaborated in setting up a WordPress blog, adapting a theme to maintain consistency with the overall brand aesthetic.